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At the 2016 NNTF conference attendees participated in a Resource Round Table. The resources shared during this discussion can be found on the Training Resource page.

The National 9-1-1 Trainer Forum is a network of 9-1-1 public safety trainers collaborating to open lines of communication among trainers, provide education opportunities, and encourage the sharing of resources.

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2019 National 9-1-1 Trainer Forum Conference

Virginia Beach, Virginia

July 17-19, 2019


"Attending the 2016 NNTF Conference was a wonderful experience. Getting to know some of the 9-1-1 Trainers from all over the Country was a great opportunity to network and share resources and experiences. Consistency and development of training material seems to be a commonality in many of the agencies and it was ideal to be given the chance to meet with others with such commonalities. The speakers were phenomenal and inspirational." - Anna Keathley, Shift Supervisor, UT Police Communications

"I found the NNTF conference very motivating.  I believe they offered several speakers that will help all Public Safety trainers, not just 9-1-1 trainers, get out of the rut of training week after week.  If they attended every session and had not found new inspiration, they must have been asleep. The conference/forum had very good speakers that gave us new ice breakers and new ways to leave our fingerprint (legacy) with our trainees. I enjoyed finding out what type of personality I am and how to train someone with a different personality so that we will both get the most out of training.  The conference/forum was well thought out and organized.  We had trainers from all over the state of Texas as well as Arkansas, Washington State and Louisiana.   I think it was very successful and that they will be planning another one next year." - Roxie Dodd, Texas APCO

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