Create and print crossword puzzles for trainees.

9-1-1 Trainer Resources

Training for Safety

Free newsletter, training courses. 

Talent Management

Free email subscription, training articles, webinars, HR topics.  


Allows interactive quizzes and quick polls. Students answer using their cell phones.

Walk the Talk

Free email list, motivation, leadership, and time management resources.

Pew Research Center

Numbers, facts, and trends shaping the world. 

Scanner Apps for Cell Phones

Allows trainees to listen to live radio traffic.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner


Police Scanner for Android

NNTF Dropbox with Training Resources

Training Resources such as games, training documents, and 2016 conference material.

Training Magazine

Free email subscription, training articles, webinars, training resources.

John Maxwell

Leadership/Inspiration resources, blog, and email list. 

The Bob Pike Group

Free email list, training resources, paid training courses such as Train the Trainer and Presentation Skills.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teacher website with many free game resources. Some resources have minimal cost. 

Ted Talks

A variety of "talks." Ability to search topics such as leadership,  current events, and training.

Live Leak

Video sharing site. Tape Library Archives

Collection of 9-1-1 calls from 2006 - 2015.

Online Video Converter

Convert YouTube videos to a format which does not require internet. Also allows conversion from various formats to another format.


Numerous 9-1-1 calls, news stories, and other training videos.

National 9-1-1 Trainer Forum

Association for Talent Development

Free or paid subscription, training articles, webinars, conferences.  

Training 9-1-1 Trainers


Presentation Software, numerous presentations available online.

Police Legal Sciences

Cost-effective 9-1-1 dispatcher training.

Langevin Learning Services

Free email list, Train-the-Training Blog, classroom training, online training, ebooks, and workbooks.


Allows instructor to quiz students using cards that can be scanned with a tablet or phone. 

Content Generator

Create e-learning quizzes, games and applications. Some free/some paid applications.